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Pelvic floor Rehabilitation and Core Wellness

CorrEra Physical Therapy
Pelvic floor Rehabilitation and Core Wellness

At CorrEra Physical Therapy we focus on treating pelvic floor dysfunction and promoting core wellness. Men and women of all ages with varying levels of physical fitness can experience pelvic floor dysfunction. Whether it is urinary leaking, an overactive bladder, or pelvic pain, living with pelvic floor dysfunction never lends to a convenience in lifestyle. Thankfully, there is hope.

The pelvic floor does not have to be the forgotten region of the human body that no one wants to discuss. Physical therapy for the pelvic floor offers a conservative and effective approach to treating these personal conditions. Treatment often includes reestablishing the balance of flexibility and strength of the core muscles, and we at CorrEra Physical Therapy believe in emphasizing the importance of this new era of core wellness.

Just because symptoms may be common, it does not mean that they need to be your "normal". You deserve the attention to have your concerns addressed, and this is exactly what you receive at CorrEra Physical Therapy. All patients receive one-on-one evaluation and treatment during every visit.

Sarah Capodagli, DPT, PRPC
As a doctor of physical therapy, Sarah has the skills and training to assess and treat the musculoskeletal system, and with her additional training and expertise she has dedicated her practice to treating patients who are experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction in its many forms. She attended undergraduate and graduate school at Nazareth College of Rochester where she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and has completed extensive continuing education in the specialty of pelvic floor rehabilitation. She was the first pelvic floor therapist in Western NY to complete the Pelvic Rehabiliation Practitioner Certfication. An advocate for preventative and conservative rehabilitation, a volunteer with medical missions, and former adjunct faculty at Nazareth College, she is passionate about helping others locally and around the globe.

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